To sign up, simply edit this wiki page and add your name to the list!

The idea of the MFL Show and Tell session is to give teachers an opportunity to share good practice on the use of technology in the classroom in a relaxed, informal environment.

The session will take place in our brand new dining hall and 6th Form Centre, where there will be access to a networked laptop computer, speakers, a data projector and screen for presentations, as well as very comfortable seating! There will be access to Wi-Fi.

The day will commence at 9:30am with welcome drinks which will be followed by a morning session from 10:00 am -12:30 pm. A hot lunch will then be served in our dining hall. The afternoon session will begin at 1:30 pm until 3:30 pm, when the event ends. Both morning and afternoon sessions will consist of formal presentations and discussions on the topics outlined on this wiki. The actual programme is available for download here .

Anyone can present and you don't have to put yourself forward at this stage, however it would greatly help us with the organisation if you indicated in advance if you would like to present or lead a discussion.

If you would like to come along as a speaker or attendee, please sign up by adding your name to the list below (click edit on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar) and add your details to this page, below. It would be great if you could say what you'd like to talk about or what you would like to discuss in an open forum.

If you have any trouble signing up whatsoever, please don't hesitate to email me at picardo.jl at (don't forget to change the at for a @ ).

Let's not forget this is a by-teachers-for-teachers event and we can shape it as we see fit.

The event is kindly being sponsored by Nottingham High School by providing the venue free of charge and by Links into Languages East Midlands, Naace and Mary Glasgow Magazines (Scholastic).

The event is free.


José Picardo (@josepicardo ) Innovative Creative Technologies: Looking back at a year's use of ICT in MFL

Joe Dale (@joedale) Recording Skype and editing in Audacity
Lisa Stevens (@lisibo ) Things that make my pupils smile / Comenius Reggio project
Kerry Turner Cross curricular work with MFL, History and ICT, using Crazy Talk.
Dominic McGladdery."Persuading" colleagues to use ICT in MFL.@dominic_mcg
Clare Seccombe @valleseco My talking pen
Mark Purves Song phonics to improve pronunciation @markpurves

The order of the presentations will be picked at random using ClassTools' Fruit Machine
  1. José Picardo (Nottingham High School) (@josepicardo )
  2. James Padvis (Foxford School) (@jjpadvis )
  3. Fiona Joyce (Ian Ramsey C of E School) @wizenedcrone
  4. Clare Seccombe (Sunderland LA) @valleseco
  5. Rosemary Hicks (Northfield School (MHA) @hicksie58
  6. Lynne Horn (Tobermory High School)
  7. Saira Ghani (Chiltern Edge School) @sghani
  8. Anthea Wawryka (Ashfield School, Notts) @baboohaz
  9. Joe Dale (CILT Language Teaching Adviser)
  10. Claire Parker (Blessed Edward Oldcorne, Worcester)
  11. Kim Brown (Ashfield School, Notts)
  12. Lisa Stevens (Whitehouse Common Primary and Lisibo Ltd) @lisibo NB may have to bring my boys with me!
  13. Grahame Whitehead (Nottingham High School)
  14. Fiona Rose (Wenona School, Sydney!) @ykombi
  15. Dominic McGladdery (English Martyrs School, Hartlepool) @dominic_mcg
  16. Samantha Culshaw-Robinson (Nottingham High School) @sammi1964
  17. Claire Hampson (Thirsk School) @mrshampson
  18. Andrew Winter (Nottingham High School)
  19. Kath Holton(Argoed High School) @kath52
  20. Britta Radenhausen (Marriotts School, Stevenage)
  21. Kerry Turner (Nottingham High School) @4goggas
  22. Esperanza Iniesta (Oasis Academy Enfield)
  23. Nick Oldham (Littleover Community School)
  24. Gillian Cowie (Littleover Community School)
  25. Ann Moorhouse (Nottingham High School) @annmoorhouse
  26. Mark Purves Song phonics to improve pronunciation @markpurves
  27. Salomé Boehler (NQT,
  28. Manuella Moisan (Colston's Girls' School) manuellamoisan at
  29. Jo Lumley (Studley High School)
  30. Catherine Pilling (Nottingham Girls High School)
  31. Michelle Cank (Naace)
  32. Luba Thorniley (Djanogly City Academy)
  33. Nia Sutton (Vital-East Midlands)
  34. Jo Pickering(The George Eliot School) @pixijojo
  35. Chris Jones(School)
  36. Nathalie Charvin (Mugginton CofE Primary School)
  37. Fiona McConnon (Northwood Girls College from Sept 2010)
  38. Bill Stevens (Birches Head High School)
  39. Inna Stevens (Teaching & Learning Consultant, Promethean)
  40. Karine Cotterill (Blythe Bridge High School, S-O-T)
  41. David Sutton (Blythe Bridge High School, S-O-T)
  42. Naveed Iqbal (Djanogly City Academy, Nottingham)
  43. Leon Cych (Learn 4 Life/ Supareal)
  44. Rosemary Slosek (Creativity coach) @rslosek
  45. David Allerton (Nottingham High School)
  46. Mary Merron (Whitecross High School)
  47. Chris Brown (Nottingham High School)

Group discussions

(we need volunteers to facilitate/guide discussions - please add your name next to the discussion you'd like to volunteer for)

  • Making the most of ICT facilities: using VLEs and Language Labs
  • Improving oral work and teaching grammar - can ICT help?
  • Dealing with e-safety through MFL
  • Building international links
  • Increasing uptake in languages at KS4, KS5
  • Making an impact on the whole school : James Padvis


The school address is Waverley Mount, Nottingham, NG7 4ED. See map below.

If you are driving, the car park is accessible from the Forest Road entrance, to the rear of the school. Once you park you car, make your way to the front of the building following signs to reception.

If you come by train, you can catch the tram from the main train station and get off at High School, right outside the Junior School entrance. Walk straight in and follow the signs to the main building's reception.

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